Welcome to Kiddies Ark Baby Centre, Nursery School and After Care! We sure hope you enjoy the visit and find it very informative!

Superior Educational Programme - A well-researched educational programme, which is carefully planned and structured, is offered at Kiddies Ark. This active learning programme takes into account the fact that children learn through play and caters for the different age groups. Amongst other things, this programme promotes confidence, self-discipline, problem-solving, social skills, divergent thinking, language, pre-reading and pre-maths skills.

Parent Contact - The progress of each child is carefully monitored. We believe in maintaining a strong link between school and home and offer comprehensive feedback to the parents - namely interviews, consultation, detailed twice-yearly reports and parents' evenings.

Safety - Strict standards are applied to ensure the safety and health of the children. Each play area is constantly structured and supervised by a qualified teacher. The teachers are all proficient in First Aid.

Tradition of Excellence - We provide a warm caring atmosphere in which children are nurtured and prepared not only for formal education, but for life.

Care and Love - The teachers at Kiddies Ark are committed to providing a warm, caring environment where your child will feel safe, secure and happy.